Novus Vero aims to bring you a broad range of conservative media such as news stories, videos, podcasts, caricatures, memes, and aggregate this data in a beautiful interface. Legacy print and TV media can no longer be trusted, and social media platforms (we’re looking at you facebook and twitter) are taking active steps to repress and silence conservative voices. It is now necessary to seek other means of information distribution and communication. News aggregation is not a new idea, but Novus Vero is different in seeking to bring several formats of media together in one place. Because conservatives have been forced out of most legacy media outlets, there are many great sources of independent content producers to bring together.

The term Fake News was weaponized following the 2016 United States Presidential Election to discredit alternative media and conservative voices. This has largely backfired with the Fake News moniker being mercilessly thrown back at the legacy media (sometimes with great humor), and particularly CNN from none other than Senator Bernie Sanders and President Trump. Jake Tapper, a lead anchor from CNN has said that his son calls him Fake News. These few words are too brief to address the subject fully. On the question of Fake News we would recommend Mark Dice’s excellent The True Story of Fake News (2017). For Novus Vero, if you have any doubt about the veracity of a particular item we are presenting, please contact the editor to request a review indicating which item and what you deem inaccurate. To be considered for review, your request must be fact based, not a matter of opinion. Not liking the piece or having your feelings hurt is not sufficient for editorial review, and while we will endeavor to review requested items, we do not commit to remove any item put through the review process.

We do not expect you to agree with everything you find here. We are presenting a broad range of conservative, libertarian and centrist ideas and commentary. These are to stimulate your thoughts and reflection. We expect you to assess each piece for its merit and critique it. Unlike legacy media and new media platforms we are not seeking to form your thought and sway you to any position apart from that which you reach through your own reflection. Research further, verify, argue, disprove, and in some cases, change your mind.

Do we publish everything from our sources? No. we cannot guarantee that we will present all the content from our sources, this depends on what they are willing to share with us and our editorial process. Are we Alt-Right? No. Are we white supremacists? No. Are we fake news? No. On this last point, the legacy media and new social media platforms have much to answer for. Their editorial choices, editing of sources and videos, and presentation are often misrepresentations, clearly disingenuous, intellectually dishonest, and seeking to influence and sway the audience to their own position. This is a betrayal of what they have committed to do as journalists or the experience they have promised their users.

Many of the podcasts and videos we are presenting are hosted on YouTube. The Android and iOS apps for YouTube have functionality enabling you to save this content for offline consumption, so that you can watch videos on the plane or train without an internet connection or listen to podcasts in your car or when running. Other self-hosted podcasts will allow you to download the MP3 file directly to your device for offline listening.

Thank you for being here, if there is a particular source or item you would like us to consider for inclusion, please contact Novus Vero:

editor @ novusvero.com

You will need to delete the spaces before and after the @ symbol when copying and pasting the email address. We want to get mail from YOU and not from spambots, Russian or otherwise.